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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 25, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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me realize that comedians can be genius. >> i'm going to spend some time tonight talking about the next it is friday, march 25th. right now on "first look" the manhunt continues as authorities conduct more raids overnight in connection to the terror attacks and plus a new plot foiled. the mud slinging between donald trump and ted cruz gets more personal. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. march madness is in full swing. and plus, pope francis does washing of the feet. the passing of a comic ge hillary clinton lights up late night. "first look" starts right now. good morning to you on this good friday. thanks for joining us today.
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i'm betty nguyen. new developments overnight, seven people have been arrested in the belgium raids. right now their identities are unknown and the roles in the attacks are unclear. however, the third suspect in the airport attack on the right wearing a light colored coat and had is still at large. meanwhile, in paris, authorities have made a major arrest of a suspect who was in the advanced stage of a terror plot. so far there is no evidence linking that man a french national to the attacks in brussels or paris. we are learning more about the el bakraoui brothers involved in tuesday's attack. and just what u.s. counterterrorism authorities knew about him. claudio lavagna is live in brussels. what's the latest there? >> reporter: good morning. yes, the manhunt on the terrorists on the loose is still on. well, we don't know whether the man in the hat that was pictured alongside the two terrorists was among them. we don't know whether that is --
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he is the only attacker unaccounted for in the last 24 hours authorities have confirmed they believe this was another man with the attacker that detonated the explosive in the metro station. we don't know if the second attacker there died in the explosion or whether he got away as well. in the meantime, we learned more details about what the brothers el bakraoui were up to before they participated in the attack on tuesday. well, they're accused by authorities of planting a hidden camera in front of the head of the nuclear research program here in belgium. possibly with the intention of kidnapping him or a member of his family to get access to radioactive material to build maybe a dirty bomb. what's even more shocking is that the belgian authorities have admitted that they knew that the two brothers had links with terrorism for a while now and yet, they were allowed, able, to walk into an airport and a packed metro station with luggages packed with explosives. now, we know today that john
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kerry is here. he's here to formally express his -- the united states' sympathy to belgium. but we don't know if he's going to express formally his concern about how the belgian authorities have dealt with this threat. betty? >> a lot of questions about how the authorities department with this and what they knew before hand and why they didn't act on that information. thank you, claudio. the state department says there is no credible evidence that suggests americans were targeted in the attacks and so far no reports of americans among the casualties, although 12 american citizens were injured. one american couple is still missing. justin and stephanie shults were dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport when it happened. she is safe, but no one has heard from justin and stephanie since the attack. and the brothers fit an increasing pattern -- families with terror ties. >> reporter: the brothers turned
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suicide bombers at the brussels airport and subway station are sickening nothing new. the attack on the french magazine "charlie hebdo" last year involved two brothers. the boston bombing carried out by the tsarnaevs were carried out by two brothers. family and friends were recruited on the street corners in the molenbeek district of brussels. >> it's like a gang you can't leave. >> yes, they will kill if you if you leave, he said. salah abdeslam allegedly joined isis with his brother. many have isis backgrounds. drugs were sold here and he the man was a suicide bomber in paris.
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the officials are fearing another attack. keir simmons, nbc news, brussels. the race for president getting even more personal on the republican side. the war of words has take an nasty turn into a war over wives. this as a new poll shows donald trump having trouble with female voters. nbc's hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: a single retweet re-igniting the fight between the front-runners donald trump showing this photo to his 7 million followers. his wife, side by side with ted cruz's with the phrase, the images are worth a thousand words. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward, leave heidi the hell alone. >> you're going to support him as a nominee? >> gaming to beat him. >> you said he's a coward, will joup port him? >> donald trump will not be the nominee, because he's a train wreck. >> reporter: cruz taking his toughest tone yet. >> donald trump doesn't like
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strong women. >> this is his effort to gain attention to try and stay relevant in a race he's lost and insisting trump has great relationships with women. megyn kelly asking about the tweet said seriously? nearly half of the female voters said they can't imagine picking trump and among women in the general electorate, seven in ten have a negative view of trump. >> nobody respects women more than i do. >> reporter: he's defended himself on the trail. his wife has too. >> i see him in life. he treats women the same as men. >> reporter: insults online reverberating in real life. meanwhile, hillary clinton out of the line of political fire appeared on "jimmy kimmel live" last night. they poked fun at man splaining and the advice to the -- >> it's wonderful to be here. >> hold on a second. >> already? >> you're shouting.
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you're too loud. you're -- you don't have to shout like that. it hurts my ears. it comes off as little shrill for men. that's all. >> shrill for men? we don't need to be made great. we need to be -- >> oh, my god with the sour puss. try to have some fun. this is like your dream, pretend you're enjoying yourself. >> it's like nothing i do is right. >> exactly. you're not doing it right. i can't quite put my finger on its. but something is not -- you're not -- >> a man. >> yes, that is it. you're not a man. but that was really cute. the way you did it though. it was very -- >> well, thanks. that was what i was going for. >> hillary clinton, everybody. >> well, the democrats they now look toward tomorrow's caucuses in hawaii and alaska. millions are observing good
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friday today and the pope is calling for peace among the religions in light of the pruss sells terror attacks. it was an unconventional location for a holy thursday's ritual where he kissed the feet of 12 refugees at a shelter outside of rome. originally the ceremony has only involved catholic men, often priests but women and non-catholics have been called to participate. sweet 16 no more. yes, let's talk about this. get right to the action in louisville. two versus three, villanova/miami. the wildcats shot 63% from the floor and they return to the elite eight for first time since 2009. next kansas taking on maryland who kept it close for much of the night. the jayhawks pulled away behind perry ellis' 27 points. defeating the terps. kansas will face villanova on saturday. texas a&m had their hands full with a hot oklahoma team. that had five players in double digits. the sooners head to the elite
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eight with a 77-63 victory over the aggies. finally, the ducks they took out perennial favorite duke in the 82-68 shootout. it is oregon's first trip back to the elite eight since 2007. tonight, the sweet 16 teams face off in philadelphia and chicago. first game tip-off at 7:10 with iowa state and virginia. to the nba now, lebron james' cavs hit brooklyn and the struggling nets who kept pace, but cleveland could not keep up in the final minutes. brooklyn manages a big upset. 104-95. and at madison square garden the knicks jose calderon with the spectacular alley-oop to derrick williams. new york managed a win and sweep of the home and home series to the bulls. and then of course here is the shot of the night. >> j.j. has it. fires in time. the spurs win. >> j.j. redick nails a 21 footer
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. and good friday morning. welcome back to "first look." temperatures are chilly up in boston, 40 degrees. 50 in new york. but spring has sprung across areas like philadelphia and d.c. temperatures in the 60s here this morning. that warm head is headed to the northeast for today, with temperatures moving up into the 60s for many spots. we'll see some showers though. it will come at a price. the showers will be crossing the area midday through early afternoon. meanwhile portions of the southeast we'll see more showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. and it looks like a showery and thunderstorms here for the weekend. washout in some area, but other areas a beautiful weekend. >> it will rain on some easter
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egg hunts. >> makes for plan "b." now to a horrifying accident in georgia. some viewers may find this disturbing. >> 32-year-old david presley leg was severed after taking target practice and shooting an old lawn mower filled with an explosive material. experts say he should have stood 100 yards from the exploding target but he was only 25 yards away. presley lost part of his left leg and is recovering in the hospital just east of atlanta. check out this shocking video of a car falling four stories from a parking garage in maryland last week. the driver said she was parking her audi suv when it lunged forward thousand the concrete barrier. luckily the driver was not seriously injured. hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the governor mccrory's mansion.
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he signed a bill involving transgender bathrooms. and the governor could sign a bill that some deem anti-gay. it would allow businesses to deny services against those who violate their believes. 38 a-listers condemned bill. and richard branson is reportedly set to order ten jets known as miniconcord planes from boom. the planes will travel at over 1400 miles per hour. and could go from new york to paris in about 3 1/2 hours. the 40-seat supersonic aircraft is not cheap though. garry shandling died
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suddenly thursday of an apparent heart attack. he is being remembered far and wide as a comic genius. here is harry smith. >> would you welcome garry shandling. >> reporter: garry shandling first came to our attention doing a stand-up routine on "the tonight show." >> i went to the bank earlier today. did you get your free pen yet? these are free pen. you yank these things, they pop right out. >> reporter: he was soon filling in for johnny carson and there was talk that shandling would eventually take over the show, but he found his way to showtime. ♪ ♪ it's the garry show >> reporter: they did a sitcom about a stand-up comedian. it was funny and a cult hit. shandling's real claim to fame came on hbo. "the larry sanders show" mocked late night tv. ego, ambition and show business. >> some of us are talented.
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i'm sweating like pig. >> reporter: it was what everybody at work talked about the next day. >> i'm not ready -- >> what? you did great. what are you doing? come on. you're robin williams for god's shake. >> reporter: shandling shared a porsche with jerry seinfeld, and garry could crack up comedians. shandling was funny. what he was famous for. harry smith, nbc news. is the trump/cruz war of words headed for a showdown at the ok corral? and a new option for hillary clinton. that's next. with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you.
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that tells the world... we're coming for you. are you jealous of bernie sanders' slogan, feel the bern? it's a good slogan. >> i've got to say i'm no. >> you're not? i have seen some of your, these are not good. this is hillary y'all. you beat hillary. >> yeah. >> run dnc. how about this one? hillin' like a villain. this is really popular. netflix for hillary. this is racy. but hillary rod dam. >> msnbc political reporter jane
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timm is here. >> good morning. >> those are going to be collectors items. >> i know. >> if you put those up on ebay those are gone in no time flat. i want to go over to the war of words over the wives, donald trump/ted cruz, it's gotten so nasty. almost sounds like they're headed to the ok corral. >> i mean this is another completely invented controversy. >> i wanted to ask you that, because people are saying is it all for show? >> i mean, it certainly looks like it about earned media. this ad was never done by ted cruz or anyone supporting ted cruz. it was done by somebody who was opposing donald trump. this ad of melania using a nude photo shoot she had done when she was a model. sort of smearing her a little bit, but it wasn't about ted cruz. there are people who are aligned with ted cruz and donald trump used it to blame ted cruz for this. and just sort of get into this attack on his wife. >> so do you think this is real though? it almost seems like comedy. i mean, i see what they're talking about, i see the points on both sides here. the fact that we have
2:22 am
presidential candidates, you know, they're trying to get the highest office of the land. they're going at it over each other's wives on twitter and throwing jabs at each other. it doesn't seem real. >> you know, it certainly may be contrived but we were going to end up in some sort of argument or feud about this. donald trump says a lot of things about women that many people find reprehensible. he uses a lot of gender language, we have seen him go after megyn kelly in a way that leaves a lot of people uncertain how he talks about women. because it's about their wives it gives them a chance to sort of argue and ted cruz he may be very, very upset about this but he's not letting go of the opportunity to talk about how he's winning in certain states and saying, look, maybe he's afraid of me. maybe him making him nervous. he's using it to play into his own political attacks as well. >> there's a new poll that shows
2:23 am
trump is having trouble with female voters and cruz is capitalizing on this with the war of words over wives. >> i think this shines a light on heidi cruz, a very successful woman in her own right. and their partnership -- it's pretty affectionate. i think it does make a lot of republican women say you know, if she says he's our guy, i think she might be right. one of our colleagues was at an event with heidi cruz last night. people turned to her after heidi spoke and said, why isn't she running? that's the kind of thing to hear when appealing to women. that will definitely help ted cruz. >> donald trump may not be so happy that all of this came about as heidi cruz going to shoot up in the ranks because of all this. people have their eye on her. she's well-spoken. thank you. one man's video rental past comes back to haunt him. plus from love at first sight to love at first smell? a different take on finding the one.
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i saw that donald trump and ted cruz feuded this week. [ laughter ] that's something new. that's something new, yeah. they feuded this week after an attack ad featured a nude photo of trump's wife melania. and trump threatened to retaliate against ted cruz's wife heidi. and while trump and cruz were arguing, melania and heidi quietly escaped. >> well, the rolling stones have arrived in cuba. the self-titled rock 'n' roll band will give a free concert today in havana. hundreds of thousands are expected to attend.
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if you never got around to returning your vhs videotapes years ago, you might want to watch out. a north carolina man found out the hard way. you see he was actually arrested for failing to return of all things "a freddie got fingered" from 14 years ago. although the video store is closed, james meyers is due in court next month and can face a fine if convicted. with easter right around the corner, candy retailers are sure to rejoice this week. the holiday beats out halloween as the most lucrative week of the year for candy sales. americans millions of easter treats last week. if you don't believe at love first sight, what about love at first sniff. smell dating is promising to help sniff out a perfect match for 25 bucks. you can receive a t-shirt that you wear without bathing and
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then if two people choose each other's smelly t-shirts it's a match. as easy as this. i'm betty nguyen. don't forget to like us on facebook. "way too early" starts right now. this morning, new raise, new arrests and -- new raids, new arrests and new intelligence on the attacks in brussels. what they're saying about another foiled plot and what about the americans still unaccounted for? plus -- >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife you mess with my kids, that'll do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward. leave heidi the hell alone. >> ted cruz gets boiling mad after donald trump finds a way to get under his skin on twitter. and this -- >> i went to the bank earlier today. and did you get your free pen yet?
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>> it was sudden and unexpected. comedian garry shandling has died. a star who this morning is being remembered as a comic genius. it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." and a good friday morning to all of you. today is march 25th, i'm alex with. we begin this morning with breaking news out of belgium. prosecutors have detained seven people in raids throughout brussels. they didn't provide details about who had been detained or whether they'll face charges. meanwhile, french officials said that police there foiled another terrorist attack which they say was at an advanced stage of


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